Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Post 193: My life belongs to MONSTERS!

I can say that this last month has been completely OVERWHELMING! The word overwhelming doesn't even begin to paint the picture...
As I had mentioned last month, with Regretsy's help, we started a fundraiser for my nephew and his family.
(Aidan and Little Brother Amry)

My nephew, Aidan, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia September 13th. You can read about it here. Since the fundraiser kicked off October 19th, we have raised over $50,000. How you might ask?? By selling his adorable monster drawings on Etsy. I have no idea what happend but the stars aligned and the world fell in love with Aidan and NOW I have a garage full of thousands of picture mailers, photo paper, printer ink, and lables. We are nearing the sale of 5,000 drawings in a little less than a month. THAT IS NUTS!

His art has gone to Austrailia, UK, Russia...just about anywhere you could think of and it completely blows my mind and still seems completely unreal. It doesent make Aidan well again but it makes us feel like we all have the world in our corner. And that, my friends, is an amazing and uplifting feeling.

So that explains the lack of crafting and blogging these days. :)