Thursday, April 30, 2009

Post 13: Dandelions!

So I am happy with today...I am happy with most days but today has been ultra-productive (even though i spent my first two hours on the computer being anti-productive). I have pulled weeds, laid mulch, mowed the lawn and painted my flower boxes! And I got it all done before 1pm. Now for me that is a huge accomplishment!

Anyway, my lawn is at least 50% Dandelions. Which one might assume I am complaining or thinking "ugh weeds!" But I secretly love dandelions. I love dandelions on my lawn and it makes me sad when i have to mow them over. The are like little spurts of sunshine! Tell me they aren't beautiful!

I remember being 6 and the neighbor girl, Jennifer Sanchez, and I would use them to draw pictures on paper and decorate sidewalks as well as turning them into little bits of temporary jewelry and other accessories. We had a limitless supply of dandelions which always meant endless fun! I also remember my dad telling us if we hold a dandelion right under our chin and our chin turned yellow we liked butter...*shrugs* I'm not sure what this stems from, but it was my dad telling me so I thought it was cool anyway. Annnd it is true if you hold it right under your chin without contact it turns your chin yellow! And that, my friends, is magic to a 6 year old. Oh memories....

Oh! Dandelion! You and I are so misunderstood! hehe.

Well I don't want to ruin my productive streak so it is time to hit the ol' Singer!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I love bags. I love ruffles. I love gray. I love grey. (I had to cover all the bases with that one :p) Click on the pictures to find out more about each lovely bag.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Post 11: Monday, Monday

It seems as though every time my in-laws visit I am out of commission for a couple of weeks. Catching up with everything around the house and my shopping habits take awhile, therefore, Etsy and Blogger were pushed to the back burner.
In exciting news (for me at least) I made my first (and second) Etsy sale!! Lovely Gemma Joy bought my Pepperland Wristlet and Miss Leanne of Folk Craft! purchased a mobile home decor plate! So those two ladies made my week! Annnd I HIGHLY recommend you visit both of their Etsy shops.
With Mother's Day rolling around and my need for "shopping therapy" I did make a couple Etsy purchases last week. I bought this beautiful cherry necklace from Girl Tuesday Jewelry for my Mother-In-Law.

Annnd I also had to buy these quirky little cards from Time2Cre8 because who doesn't love a rhinoceros?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Post 10: The room that best defines my style

Well, this morning I woke up with a terrible case of the Plague so it throws my shopping and yard work plans out the window. So instead I have been lounging and checking out some blogs. One I came across today was Marvelous Kiddo and one of her entries was to post a picture of a room that best defines your style. So after searching the internet for several minutes (i am very impatient) I couldn’t find anything suitable so I though what defines me better than my own house! So I took pictures of my front room.

I love the creepy couple that resides above my couch. I found them at a Goodwill for $20! They are civil war era and I am assuming husband and wife. When I bought them the lady checking me out thought I was crazy and asked me if i knew who they were.... I said "No, but I'm sure I can come up with a great story for them soon enough." She said nothing and looked at me like I was crazy. After they made it home safely I dropped a candle on the picture of the man and broke the glass that was very brittle to begin with. It broke my heart. But I live on. This next picture is the other side of the front room.

I know its a bit cluttered but I love my mirror and the items on my entry table :). Unlike the pictures above my couch these are all pictures of me and my husbands quirky family. If you could see them up close it is obvious that back then they knew how to have fun as well :D. I love my little owlie which came as a set of three and i got all of them for $1.00 and my penguin couple was actually an x-mas decoration. I removed the x-mas factor and I enjoy them year round! So that is my front room and I feel like it is the room that best defines me. A bit odd a bit eclectic but not too crazy hehe.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Post 9: View from our room

I've been catering to the in-laws the last week. So Adam and I got to take a mini-vacation to St. Louis on Friday. I love mini-vacations...
View of the Arch from our room :)
The architecture of older buildings is always so beautiful! I loved the excitment of being in a bigger city for a couple of days but I was also very happy to get back to an empty house after two weeks of visitors!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Post 8: mm hm

Well, now that my mom has left...I should be getting ready for the in-laws arrival tomorrow night but I was having sewing withdrawl so I did this instead....of course it is nowhere near finished since completing projects is NOT something I do....heh
My model and I are unfortunately different sizes...
It isnt really an out of the box original piece but a way to use up some fabric I had stashed away and feed some of my addiction to the Singer. I still havent decided how I want to do the back or the bottom of it. I want to add some pizzaz but dont want to turn it into a drag queen top...weee will see.

Anyway, it was a good way to get the next 9 days (yes, 9 DAYS!) of in-law invasion off of my mind and I got to be a little creative.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Post 7: My First Etsy Handmade Purchase

I recieved my pendant from GemmaJoy yesterday and I am so happy with it!

(I don't usually wear a million necklaces)
I have to admit I have seen so many lovely things on Etsy but this is my first original purchase and it could not have gone any better. This pendant looks even prettier in person and I am so happy! She even included a cute piece of fabric stamped with "Do something creative every day" (which i could not agree with more), a cute art print as well as a pair of earings that i can wear with my pendant...I feel like a little kid on Christmas morning....sigh

I will definitley being buying from GemmaJoy again. :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Post 6: siiigh

I am posting this picture I took because i love it. I love the contrast. I love red. I love how it seemed so misplaced.

Then...whats really on my mind...

I am exhausted and quickly coming to realize I do not like having visitors…I love those who visit me with large portions of my heart…but I do not love having them in my house. I do not love entertaining. I am uptight. I love my space. Love.
Next week I am expecting the in-laws to stay for a week….and I am not anticipating it with as much joy as my mother’s visit. It is slowing me down. Wearing me out. Help.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Post 5: Mom Is Visiting!

This will be the first time mom has made the trip to Illinois to see my house and I'm excited! Soo im getting some spring cleaning done and it looks like this so far...

Something about a fresh coat of paint is so refreshing! I love the way this picture turned out! It almost looks like a painting as well hmmm...which gives me a great idea... :D