Monday, April 6, 2009

Post 6: siiigh

I am posting this picture I took because i love it. I love the contrast. I love red. I love how it seemed so misplaced.

Then...whats really on my mind...

I am exhausted and quickly coming to realize I do not like having visitors…I love those who visit me with large portions of my heart…but I do not love having them in my house. I do not love entertaining. I am uptight. I love my space. Love.
Next week I am expecting the in-laws to stay for a week….and I am not anticipating it with as much joy as my mother’s visit. It is slowing me down. Wearing me out. Help.


  1. I agree -it is a great photo of contrasts!!

  2. I know what you mean. I am such a neat freak I cant relax. When everyone goes to bed I need make sure the house is tidy. I realize I'm the one with problem. Not sure how I'll react when I have children someday!

  3. thanks brayton! And Lindello Im glad you know where I am comming from! hehe...I know what you mean about children I have been debating whether my nerves can take the clean up or not! just not enough time to ever tidy up as much as id like haha

  4. heheh....i agree, company is a pain. :P