Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Post 96: Photograph Flashback


It was only a three hour drive so Adam and I decided to spend our weekend at a ski lodge just outside Dubuque, although we do not ski. We enjoyed people watching. It was soooo cold that weekend (below zero) and our bathroom was the warmest place we could find. I think we spent a good hour sitting in here talking about nothing... him on the toilet, me on the edge of the tub. It seems so silly but I love going back to this moment.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Post 95: What's Your Sign? Part I

I am a Leo in case you were wondering! I just wanted to share a few lovely Etsy finds with you, click on the images to visit these shops!

LIBRA: I think this ring is fantastic!SCORPIO: And I love this little guy. (I never thought I would say that I like bugs, but this artist has a couple that i love!)SAGITTARIUS: Simple and beautiful. CAPRICORN: This artist definitely has character! I love it! AQUARIUS: How can you resist this little merman? PISCES: Annnd this print is so pretty! Oh and a shout out to the Libras, Happy Birthday!

Post 94: USPS

Soo, I made a small Etsy purchase last week and I have been waiting in anticipation for my little treasure to make it here! Buuut USPS as let me down again..USPS has disappointed me TWICE. They have failed to deliver two Etsy packages to me. The first one went missing and the it is!

(excuse the crumb on the counter...I debated posting this since I was embarrassed by that crumb...)

An empty tattered envelope. I was heartbroken, I contacted the seller, Chiyi, and she graciously offered to send me another at NO COST! Annnd in the same hour that I received this news I got a Convo from Emma Dime (whose cards were lost in the mail) to find out there was a small error on my address, they were returned to her, and she will be resending them! So I have my fingers crossed that they both make it here safe and sound! Annnd you should stay tuned because I will be sharing my happy ending as well and sharing some beautiful items by these lovely ladies!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Post 93: Mission Complete...sorta

So, I finally completed my baby sister's Halloween/dress up costume (first mentioned here)! I am fairly pleased with the way it came out for not having a pattern or a whole lot of experience making clothes in general. To be honest, the most intimidating part of this was making sleeves...but I did it! (sorry for the fairly poor pictures) I could have spent more time getting it perfect but I have to remind myself it is for a messy 4 year old and probably won't last too long no matter how much time i spend on it! She loooves to play dress up aaaand she is quite the girly tomboy. I am sure it will see some rolling in the dirt and getting snagged on swing sets soon enough...

Hehe, i just had to add the tulle (above) to give it a touch of princess! As well as the ruffles around the cape! (below)

And the material is so soft and silky, not stiff and scratchy like most Halloween costumes!

Thanks for looking. Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed that it fits her and that she loves it as much as I do!

Post 92: How Do You Like Them Apples?

Sooo, after spending yesterday at the apple orchard I thought that it would only be appropriate to share some lovely Etsy treasures featuring apples! (pleeease click on images for more info!)
I love this great print with the oh-so-adorable rain cloud!
Annd this has to be one of the most beautiful apple photos I have ever seen...
This embroidery is fantastic... And who can resist cute apple post earrings?
The golden and blue apples on this dress are perfect!
And how lovely is the apple fabric on this little bag?
Annd two words: Apple. Locket. :DHave a lovely Monday!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Post 91: An Apple A Day Keeps the Dr. Away!

Today was an absolutely fantastic Sunday. My husband and I joined a few friends for my first visit to Tanners Orchard in Central Illinois. Aaaand the weather was perfect. There were pumpkins, silly goats, a corn maze, and of course PLENTY of apples!

I honestly cannot say that I enjoyed the corn maze much...I have a fear of getting lost and this seemed to play into my fear...walking in circles and everything looking the same.... buuut

I seemed to manage well enough to make it through half of the a group effort of course...

After filling up on yummy Apple Pie Twisters and enjoying the lovely market we called it a day at Tanners ...I wish I had more pictures to share! Maybe next time! ;)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Post 90: l o v e.

I cannot recall weather I have posted this before or not....but if so pardon the rerun...hehe.
I LOOOVE these little machines.
Not only because they are red and absolutely gorgeous, buuut they have fantastic sentimental value. The first two belonged to my Grandma and my Great Grandma and the last one was mine, as you can see by the rough condition. I do not recall ever actually sewing with the machine, but I am sure it inspired me. :)
Anyway, sorry for my lack of entries this week...I cant seem to find the camera and I have been far to lazy to look up anything else for a worth while post. I have seemed to devote most of my week to finishing one fancy fantastic Supergirl costume (which I will be sharing with you next week!) ...forgive me? Hehe.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Post 89: Happy Autumn

Perfect fall accessory! "Uptown Judy Brown" Clutch from my Etsy shop!

Aaand a few more lovely Etsy items in perfect shades of autumn. Click images for more info.
Another yummy handwoven scarf in Sunset:
(I officially have an obsession with Pidge Pidge handwoven scarves. I will be telling the hubby to forget the diamonds and get me one of this this Christmas!)
Lovely yellow locket:Fantastic Chandelier Top:
And of course a Lace Taco:

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Post 88: So, I am feeling guilty...

First and foremost I must say I HATE...I take that back...I DESPISE when people ask me for directions. I know where I am going but my ability give directions (tell stories or verbalize much of anything) on the spot, is very is pathetic. I get nervous, I breath heavy, my palms sweat, and my heart races right out of my chest...I have no idea why. I enjoy talking to people, I am not very shy and sometimes can be considered fairly loud and far too talkative...but when someone puts me on the spot I hit a blank...then I worry about it for the rest of the week...

(image from Etsy, click image for more info)

Case in point:
Yesterday, while sitting at a stop light, a guy asked me how to get to a particular street. First, in my mind I am excited because I actually know how to get there! So I spit out the directions, I give such great directions that he could have found it blindfolded! Then we both drive away...and I realized...I thought I was a block over, on another street, and I gave him wrong directions!
And with that I am sure any NORMAL person would assume he will find his way eventually and be fine. But I feel guilty, I feel the need to apologize. I am a failure! So, man who was lost in Peoria on Saturday, if you happen to read my little no name craft blog about a bunch of random girly things....I apologize. I am so sorry I for being an airhead and giving terrible directions.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Post 86: I want...

With the chill in the air, I am craving beautiful things to wrap around my neck...
I love the rich textures of this scarf:
Pretty in pink!:
Pretty, soft screen printed t-shirt scarf:
And this is my favorite scarf ever. In fact I am in love with every handwoven scarf at this shop :
Oh, Aaaaand this t-shirt yarn would be great for making my own if I weren't such a procrastinator or master of unfinished projects!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Post 85: Costume Client Numero Uno

Isn't this picture fantastic! I kind of feel sorry for the kid in the costume on the left...That time of year sneaking up on us fast aaaand this year I have some costumes to make for some tough clients. I am not real sure how they will turn out since I haven't sewn much children clothing without patterns...and I am 500 miles away from home so I have to get it right in the first try!
My first client is my youngest sister, Briley (4 yrs) who will probably be the pickiest of them all. She has requested a Supergirl costume. She is an absolute nut. She doesn't have a shy bone in her body, and she has never met a stranger...Supergirl will be just perfect! Annnnd I am sure halloween has to be her favorite holiday of the year because this girl is passionate about her candy.
If the costume dosent turn out to be a failure I will share it with you soon.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Post 84: Despite the slow start...

I got quite a bit done today. I painted my ceilings, hung a medicine cabinet, cut some brush, walked the dog annnnd made my dreaded trip to the grocery store...
Aaaaand today I have learned that I LOVE soy milk.

(image found on Flickr, click for more info)

I really wish someone would have let me know about the absolute deliciousness of soy milk sooner. Sooo, for those of you who haven't tried it, I am telling you now, it is fantastic. Regular ol' cow milk is really pale in comparison.

Post 83: Unmotivated Monday

(photo from Etsy, click image for info)

And that is exactly how I feel.

Gaaaah, it is one of those days where I wake up...scoot far enough down the bed to put my feet on the floor...but I simply cannot find the energy to pull myself away from the sheets... even though Gus has made it entirely too clear (to the entire neighborhood) that it IS "poddy" time.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Post 82: Easy like Sunday morning...

Nothing like sharing my morning with a lovely cup of coffee and tip toeing through my sleepy little house.
It is these simple moments that make my life feel so beautiful. :)
p.s. The photo is from etsy, click on it for more info.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Post 81: 'round here...

Sooo, I love my neighbors. I come home today and I found these lovely jewels waiting for me on my back porch!
I was a bit disappointed that I had not started a garden this year, but the neighbors are taking care of me. So far I have received 3 large bags of tomatoes and one armful of cucumbers...mmmm. So problem is, I have 20 tomatos to consume before they go bad! Aaaaand I am running out of things to make with them, any suggestions?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Post 80: I've never been good at Halloween...

Buuuut i decided to give it a try...this is the first of my attempts at a classy Halloween...hehe

The Morticia Clutch:

I really like the way it turned can never go wrong with pretty lace! If you want to see more of the Morticia go here.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Post 79: New In Shop!

I have posted some new things in the shop this week, aaaand more to come by the end of the week...dont forget to check it out!

Post 78: My day in one word.

(image found on flickr)

Thanks alot allergies.

On a more pleasant note...I posted a couple new things in the shop, and plan on posting more later this week!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Post 77: Lovely Giveaway!

Enter this lovely giveaway over at Ponder & Stitch

If you don't already follow Ponder & Stitch already I suggest you jump on that wagon right away.... Beeeecause you are missing out on one faaaaantastic blog. I am in love with this blog to the point I don't even know what to say! You just need to check it out. :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009