Friday, September 25, 2009

Post 90: l o v e.

I cannot recall weather I have posted this before or not....but if so pardon the rerun...hehe.
I LOOOVE these little machines.
Not only because they are red and absolutely gorgeous, buuut they have fantastic sentimental value. The first two belonged to my Grandma and my Great Grandma and the last one was mine, as you can see by the rough condition. I do not recall ever actually sewing with the machine, but I am sure it inspired me. :)
Anyway, sorry for my lack of entries this week...I cant seem to find the camera and I have been far to lazy to look up anything else for a worth while post. I have seemed to devote most of my week to finishing one fancy fantastic Supergirl costume (which I will be sharing with you next week!) ...forgive me? Hehe.


  1. you posted something similar...on freckle juice!! :P

    WOW, you have a lovely blog. i am disgusted every time i check it out because i don't check it out enough. :( I LOVE IT! it is my favorite, and not just because you're my friend!!!!

  2. hehe i know i posted on freckle juice...but you were my only follower so i had to share my treasure with the rest of the blog world tee hee ;p