Monday, September 28, 2009

Post 93: Mission Complete...sorta

So, I finally completed my baby sister's Halloween/dress up costume (first mentioned here)! I am fairly pleased with the way it came out for not having a pattern or a whole lot of experience making clothes in general. To be honest, the most intimidating part of this was making sleeves...but I did it! (sorry for the fairly poor pictures) I could have spent more time getting it perfect but I have to remind myself it is for a messy 4 year old and probably won't last too long no matter how much time i spend on it! She loooves to play dress up aaaand she is quite the girly tomboy. I am sure it will see some rolling in the dirt and getting snagged on swing sets soon enough...

Hehe, i just had to add the tulle (above) to give it a touch of princess! As well as the ruffles around the cape! (below)

And the material is so soft and silky, not stiff and scratchy like most Halloween costumes!

Thanks for looking. Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed that it fits her and that she loves it as much as I do!


  1. cute!!!!! looks like you did a fabulous job of it. i'm sure she'll love it.

  2. well done mandi, it looks great!!!

  3. Wow!! Really awesome job! (I'm still hoping my girl wants to dress up as a pillowcase, lol).

  4. wow it looks awesome !!!
    She's gonna look so cool in it =)

  5. wow - fantastic costume/ dress! You really have a gift- make more! The tuile on the bottom really makes it. After all who said females cannot be powerful and be a princess?

    See your nearing 100 posts -congrats- just reached mine..