Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Post 73: Procrastination vs. Productivity

Gah, lately I am really going in spurts I think my procrastination is starting to win over the productivity. Anyway, I did get a little bit done this week....
I love these little pouches (they are about 5" x 4"), if I ever get around to sewing on the buttons I will post them in the shop!
I also worked on this skinny scarf. I love it. The yellow and white are beautiful, like sunshine orrrr lemon meringue pie! It is just the kind of pick me up I am going to need once the cold weather gets here.... Annnd of course I would not forget to mention Gus. He officially hates me.

He now spends his days running into walls, table legs, and people legs (I have to admit it cracks me up)....He doesn't even fight it anymore, he doesn't move much in general. I don't think he knows what to do....This is how he looks at me when I mention putting on the cone...

Haha...I am on his shit list these days. Buuuut it is oh so funny.

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  1. Sew those buttons on!! I know what you mean.... my etsy store has been on vacation for a while now!!