Monday, March 30, 2009

Post 4: I Bought It On Etsy!

I am in love with this Building Scene Pendant. I fell in love with it last night and I thought about it all day long...thats how much I loved it! And now it is mine! I just cant wait to get it and wear it!

I bought this at GemmaJoy she has some pretty painted jewelry (at AWESOME prices) that will be great for summer! There is something beautiful about paintings as jewelery. *sigh* I also love these bangles to death!

But for some reason I dont like to wear bracelets....I almost want to get them just to leave them sitting around my house and looking pretty...

I want to carry on but I want to sleep even more...:)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Post 3:

Just wanted to share a couple things I am working on...

This is a little ditty I hand embroidered, it will eventually the back panel on a Country N' Western shirt I am working on.. It says Pienso en ti, which in Spanish means "i am thinking of you"...sooo if I don't fall COMPLETELY in love with it, I will be selling on my Etsy.

I love love love the way this turned out! I have visitors coming to stay soon so I was attempting to make the guest room/craft/sewing/studio room a little more aesthetically pleasing. Annnd what is more beautiful than pillows?? Nothing. I was also thinking if I find the motivation to do this again I may try posting on my Etsy . . .what do you think? yes? no? maybe?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Post 2: Out like a lamb....

So here it is the end of March...going out like a lamb...or a winter blizzard. It is all the same right? It is the joy of living in the Midwest...unpredictable weather.
Due to the ice and snow I found that I managed to sleep away half of my weekend and accomplish nearly nothing. Although, I did dust off the acrylic paints and took them for a spin just to remind myself I am in no way meant to paint with acrylic.

(my tiny painting of a kansas)
I can never seem to get it just right. Being a bit of a perfectionist makes it even harder but my husband tries to remind me that I am just absolutely nuts and shouldn't be so hard on myself. I think he is just trying to deal with the emotional breakdowns that take place when I become insanely aggravated.

So that's the update as far as I go.
On another note, I had a friend who was awesome enough to mention my wristlet in her blog ( I find it flattering coming from a friend who possesses more talent than I could even dream of! So I thought it fitting I share some of her LOVELY items! Aaaand since I was complaining about my lack of painting skills I only find this one appropriate...

I love love this painting. I have to mention Ms. L is one of my favorite artists ever!
I also have to mention this cute cuff. I have an obsession with buttons! And this clearly feeds my obsession while looking sooo cute and stylish!

Well, I could go on forever but I think everyone should check out her beautiful shops at and !

Friday, March 27, 2009

Post 1: Queen of Unfinished Business

Today is a new day. As I enjoy my breakfast of champions I decide it is time to turn over a new leaf. It is time to get things done! So my first step is putting my first entry in this here "blog" that i opened 2 months ago...with great intentions. You see, I am queen of unfinished business in all aspects of my life. I am going to attribute it to my undiagnosed case of ADD which I believe is something all redheads have (which I am). Anywho, to cure myself of all of this "unfinished business" I figure keeping this blog of my progress might keep me on my toes! (I'm dreaming big here folks!)

With that said my second step is working on getting my Etsy shop up and running and worth while. Overtime I have started somewhere around a GOOGOLPLEX(yes it's a number, google it)...anywho, as I was saying (or typing)...I have started a googolplex of projects and have probably only completely finished 5 items. So with all this leaf turning going on, I plan on finishing a project a day, and I will be posting them on Etsy as I finish them! So be sure to check back often!


This is a wristlet that i started ages ago. And I love it, but like everything else I havent finished it. Why? You might ask...Well reason is, my tension messed up, the thread got all mess, then I ran out of bobbin thread.

For most this would be an easy 10 minutes or less fix. But I got aggrivated and ran out of steam and proceeded to throw it in my bottomless pit of unfinished business :D. It is pretty typical of me.

I am hoping to get this bad boy finished soon and get her up on!