Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Post 167: I love this place.

It is such a beautiful morning, it makes my heart happy. Puppy Gus and I enjoyed our breakfast on the deck the morning watching the world go by. I am in love with this place.

Oh! I have to share what the husband and I saw out the bedroom window Monday morning. At first glimpse it scared the heck out of me.

I wish I would have caught him with his feathers still fanned out, he was beautiful!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Post 166: Bragging

So, I received a FANTASTIC little surprise package from my BFF Leanne in the mail last week!

I think this pincushion is SO adorable! It is so tiny!
A lovely bundle of fabric and lace. I already have plans to use it for some little bits for baby!Lastly, the most fantastical fortune teller/cootie catcher ever! It has me giggling to myself for quite awhile. :DAnd, Since I have been promising to share the house treasures with you here is the first of many. The old owners left us this gem. It is a record player/radio in SUPER condition. Not even a scratch (except some small scuffs along the bottom). It has two working tube speakers which sound better than any stereo I have ever heard. I only wish I could play MP3s or CDs on it hehe. I do have quite the record collection so i still have selection. But you really don't understand the quality of sound that comes out of this dinosaur! I love it. You must also take note of the groovy green shag carpet (covered in wall paper scraps). I will be sharing more about my trip to 1968 later! ;p

Friday, March 26, 2010

Post 165: I'm Back!

So we are moved in and busy doing 1 bazillion things. We finally got Internet yesterday and once I find my camera cable in one of these boxes I will have plenty to share!
It is fabulously 1968 in this house even down to the Green and gold flecked damask-ish wall paper to the working Nutone intercom system that my husband finds great joy in. I have been peeling wall paper for days and it is about time to start painting!
I will be fairly busy but I hope to start posting pictures of the treasures I come across in this little adventure!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Post 164: Catchin Cooties!!

Swing by Ms. Shelly's Blog, I Didn't Sing Up For This, and catch a cootie!!!

Shelly made THREE unique cootie catchers and is giving them away on her blog. That means three winners! I think this has to be one of the cutest little giveaways, so fun and nostalgic!

On another note, my MIL arrives tomorrow and we move this weekend so I am sure I will be absent for several days. Have a great week!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Post 163: Moving

Moving day is growing near! My Mother-in-law arrives on Wednesday to 'help' and on Friday we move in to the dream home! Getting around this house has become nearly impossible with all of these boxes. It is a really weird feeling to see our little world packed away in a few bags and boxes. This house is starting to feel empty and much less like a home with each passing day but I cannot express how excited I am to move on. I only hope the next owners will enjoy it as much as we did!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Post 162: Happy Weekend!!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! This is my last weekend in the old house, it is so exciting but a bit sad at the same time. I am really happy to start a new chapter at a new place, but this, being my first home will be missed.
I hope you all get plenty of sunshine and signs of springtime this weekend! Do you have any big plans? Besides packing and fixing a few last things I hope to go see Alice in Wonderland!

I am not a big Tim Burton fan nor am I in love with Johnny Depp but as a child I was HUGELY obsessed with Harry Harris' 1985 made for TV movie of Alice In Wonderland.
I am honestly expecting to be somewhat let down since I am sure Tim Burton's version will not include a hookah smoking tap dancing caterpillar played by Sammy Davis Jr. sigh.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Post 161: Check Out My Interview!

Stop on over at I Didn't Sign Up For This where I answered a few fun questions. While you are there you should also check out the past weeks worth of interviews. I loved reading and comparing all of the different answers. It has been fun!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Post 160: 7 Things...

Beautiful Amy of Ponder & Stitch passed on this Beautiful Blogger Award to me. Be sure to check out her shop it is too fantastic!Seven things you may not already know about me...I did something similar to this in the past so I tried my hardest to come up with some new facts!

1. I hate when I remember my dreams, especially if they were REALLY good dreams about fantastic things I will never obtain. It just makes the next day entirely too depressing.

2. I am a turning into a hermit and I enjoy it.

3. I am the biggest scatterbrain to walk the face of the earth. I am convinced I am going to have full blown Alzheimer's before I am 30.

4. I terribly miss living in Kansas. Most people complain about it but I think it is beautiful. I love the pace and most of all I miss my family!

5. I have never lived in one place for over 3 years. I plan on spending the rest of my life in the new house. I am excited but at the same time it scares the heck out of me!

6. I think I am going to be one of those people who are stuck in a different decade. You know you see people in their taper leg, acid wash jeans and 80's hairdo. I am stuck in 2006 and I am not sure if I will ever catch up. I may just settle there and be happy.

7. When I was 8 I won the "Guess the Real Captain" contest by Captain Crunch. I sent my answer in AFTER they had announced the real Captain Crunch on television. I thought I was clever and that I had cheated the system. I won a bike, I also was given a bike as a gift that same week for my birthday. Later that same year I won first place in the fire prevention poster contest and the price was a bike! The back up bikes came in handy after I had left the others in the driveway to get ran over...
I am passing this award on to:

Monday, March 1, 2010

Post 159: Paint Colors

I am having the HARDEST time deciding what colors to paint the walls in the new house. I have become so frustrated with it I have almost found myself resorting to white, and if you know me, you know white walls are generally never an option.

I will be moving in a little less than two weeks and I am making an effort to be organized so I can get my decorating and renovating done as quickly as possible, before this pregnancy completely consumes my brain. I am sure I have the nursery all figured out but everything else is beyond me. Dangit!