Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Post 166: Bragging

So, I received a FANTASTIC little surprise package from my BFF Leanne in the mail last week!

I think this pincushion is SO adorable! It is so tiny!
A lovely bundle of fabric and lace. I already have plans to use it for some little bits for baby!Lastly, the most fantastical fortune teller/cootie catcher ever! It has me giggling to myself for quite awhile. :DAnd, Since I have been promising to share the house treasures with you here is the first of many. The old owners left us this gem. It is a record player/radio in SUPER condition. Not even a scratch (except some small scuffs along the bottom). It has two working tube speakers which sound better than any stereo I have ever heard. I only wish I could play MP3s or CDs on it hehe. I do have quite the record collection so i still have selection. But you really don't understand the quality of sound that comes out of this dinosaur! I love it. You must also take note of the groovy green shag carpet (covered in wall paper scraps). I will be sharing more about my trip to 1968 later! ;p


  1. What a cute little pincushion. And I can't wait to see more treasures that came with the house! That radio is so cool! I have my grandfather's 1959 JBL speakers, and they sound absolutely amazing.

  2. cooooool!!! :D hehehe i'm glad you liked the package. oh and i wanted to say that i didn't actually make the pincushion, i found it at a craft sale, a sweet little old lady made them out of thimbles and teacups!!!