Saturday, March 28, 2009

Post 2: Out like a lamb....

So here it is the end of March...going out like a lamb...or a winter blizzard. It is all the same right? It is the joy of living in the Midwest...unpredictable weather.
Due to the ice and snow I found that I managed to sleep away half of my weekend and accomplish nearly nothing. Although, I did dust off the acrylic paints and took them for a spin just to remind myself I am in no way meant to paint with acrylic.

(my tiny painting of a kansas)
I can never seem to get it just right. Being a bit of a perfectionist makes it even harder but my husband tries to remind me that I am just absolutely nuts and shouldn't be so hard on myself. I think he is just trying to deal with the emotional breakdowns that take place when I become insanely aggravated.

So that's the update as far as I go.
On another note, I had a friend who was awesome enough to mention my wristlet in her blog ( I find it flattering coming from a friend who possesses more talent than I could even dream of! So I thought it fitting I share some of her LOVELY items! Aaaand since I was complaining about my lack of painting skills I only find this one appropriate...

I love love this painting. I have to mention Ms. L is one of my favorite artists ever!
I also have to mention this cute cuff. I have an obsession with buttons! And this clearly feeds my obsession while looking sooo cute and stylish!

Well, I could go on forever but I think everyone should check out her beautiful shops at and !


  1. YOU DORK! we're talented in "different" ways. thanks for this lil' blurb. and i want to see you paaaiiinnnnttttings!

  2. well i feel like a dork! i didn't see your painting before! i think it didn't upload in time....or i wasn't paying attention, as usual....but anyway, it's perdy! i love it!

  3. haha it wasnt there...i added it afterwords :p annd thanks!