Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Post 94: USPS

Soo, I made a small Etsy purchase last week and I have been waiting in anticipation for my little treasure to make it here! Buuut USPS as let me down again..USPS has disappointed me TWICE. They have failed to deliver two Etsy packages to me. The first one went missing and the second...well...here it is!

(excuse the crumb on the counter...I debated posting this since I was embarrassed by that crumb...)

An empty tattered envelope. I was heartbroken, I contacted the seller, Chiyi, and she graciously offered to send me another at NO COST! Annnd in the same hour that I received this news I got a Convo from Emma Dime (whose cards were lost in the mail) to find out there was a small error on my address, they were returned to her, and she will be resending them! So I have my fingers crossed that they both make it here safe and sound! Annnd you should stay tuned because I will be sharing my happy ending as well and sharing some beautiful items by these lovely ladies!


  1. Thats terrible - I would be so upset if a package arrived to me like that. fingers crossed everything arrives safely

  2. Oueeew, that is crazy that a package could arrive like that. (love the crumb)
    I have been using usps to ship all my prints and gallery wraps and never had a problem, thankfully.
    The only issue so far with them is that shipping to Canada seems to take forever. This might be the fault howvere of the Canadian postal service though.
    Thats good of Chiyi to send another at no charge.
    hope you have better luck with them.