Sunday, September 20, 2009

Post 88: So, I am feeling guilty...

First and foremost I must say I HATE...I take that back...I DESPISE when people ask me for directions. I know where I am going but my ability give directions (tell stories or verbalize much of anything) on the spot, is very is pathetic. I get nervous, I breath heavy, my palms sweat, and my heart races right out of my chest...I have no idea why. I enjoy talking to people, I am not very shy and sometimes can be considered fairly loud and far too talkative...but when someone puts me on the spot I hit a blank...then I worry about it for the rest of the week...

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Case in point:
Yesterday, while sitting at a stop light, a guy asked me how to get to a particular street. First, in my mind I am excited because I actually know how to get there! So I spit out the directions, I give such great directions that he could have found it blindfolded! Then we both drive away...and I realized...I thought I was a block over, on another street, and I gave him wrong directions!
And with that I am sure any NORMAL person would assume he will find his way eventually and be fine. But I feel guilty, I feel the need to apologize. I am a failure! So, man who was lost in Peoria on Saturday, if you happen to read my little no name craft blog about a bunch of random girly things....I apologize. I am so sorry I for being an airhead and giving terrible directions.

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  1. Mandi,

    I know how you feel- I never give good directions -what a nice person you are to care so much...