Friday, September 11, 2009

Post 81: 'round here...

Sooo, I love my neighbors. I come home today and I found these lovely jewels waiting for me on my back porch!
I was a bit disappointed that I had not started a garden this year, but the neighbors are taking care of me. So far I have received 3 large bags of tomatoes and one armful of cucumbers...mmmm. So problem is, I have 20 tomatos to consume before they go bad! Aaaaand I am running out of things to make with them, any suggestions?


  1. I've just started to use freash toms in my spag bowl recipee - so easy and so yummy.

  2. ahh! yummy! i wish we had some more good ones. :(

    FREEZE them. it is so easy. scald them, slip their skins off, cut out the core/steam scar (or whatever it's called), quarter them so the chunks aren't too big, and then just put them in a plastic container. also, they will expand quite a bit, so leave about an inch or so of space at the top.

    i think they'll last for quite a few months like this, but if you do this you really can't use them as you would a fresh one, because they'll be all mush; you'd have to put them in stew or cook them some other way.

    next year you have to start a garden! we're going to do it at our house from now on.