Thursday, April 30, 2009

Post 13: Dandelions!

So I am happy with today...I am happy with most days but today has been ultra-productive (even though i spent my first two hours on the computer being anti-productive). I have pulled weeds, laid mulch, mowed the lawn and painted my flower boxes! And I got it all done before 1pm. Now for me that is a huge accomplishment!

Anyway, my lawn is at least 50% Dandelions. Which one might assume I am complaining or thinking "ugh weeds!" But I secretly love dandelions. I love dandelions on my lawn and it makes me sad when i have to mow them over. The are like little spurts of sunshine! Tell me they aren't beautiful!

I remember being 6 and the neighbor girl, Jennifer Sanchez, and I would use them to draw pictures on paper and decorate sidewalks as well as turning them into little bits of temporary jewelry and other accessories. We had a limitless supply of dandelions which always meant endless fun! I also remember my dad telling us if we hold a dandelion right under our chin and our chin turned yellow we liked butter...*shrugs* I'm not sure what this stems from, but it was my dad telling me so I thought it was cool anyway. Annnd it is true if you hold it right under your chin without contact it turns your chin yellow! And that, my friends, is magic to a 6 year old. Oh memories....

Oh! Dandelion! You and I are so misunderstood! hehe.

Well I don't want to ruin my productive streak so it is time to hit the ol' Singer!


  1. ahh!!! i know what you mean! dandelions are awesome, as are many other weeds (in my opinion.) our entire back yard is weeds. i don't think we're going to mow it at all. they're coming up in these really lush mounds, and yes, i took a picture of it! although it's not a great picture. and when i was mowing the front yard last night...i went around some yarrow.

  2. lol! i think something may be wrong with us.