Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Post 170: Overwhelmed!

Lately, I have been overwhelmed to say the least! Things are going well. Most crafting has been put on the back burner besides the few burp cloths, taggies, and bibs I have made for friends babies. I have not even started anything for my wee one yet! Most of my time has been devoted to working on the house when I have the energy for it. My second trimester energy is starting to drain from my body and my belly is blowing up like a balloon as I begin week 26 of pregnancy.

Oh and here is my first pregnant picture.... 25 weeks
(Little Sister, Me, & Baby Luke)


  1. You look gorgeous mandy! Have you named your bubba already?

  2. PRECIOUS!!! i love that picture! i can't wait till you have more time for crafting/blogging! but i know i will have to...for, like, 18 years. :P ;)

  3. Thank you ladies!!
    Gemma, Baby's name will be Lucas (Luke) William!
    Leanne, I hope it doesnt take me 18 years!! haha, Babies maybe in between naps I will find the time :D

  4. you look beautiful! clearly pregnancy agrees with you. It gets easier...


  5. That is the cutest picture! You look so happy :)