Monday, July 26, 2010

Post 186: Neglected.

Oh dear blog I realize I have neglected you. I hope you understand it will only get worse these next couple of months...

Today is my 26th birthday (woo hoo) and today is also the day the MIL gets in town to help me and the husband adjust to our new up coming lives as parents! Baby Lucas is not here yet but I have a feeling it is any day now. At my last doctor visit I was told he was measuring nearly 9 lbs with two more weeks of growing to go!! Ah! Sooo, we have to make the decision for c-section, induction, or waiting it out. I am just hoping he decides to make his own appearance in the next few days. *finger crossed*
(Lucas William @ 31 weeks)

I have managed to make some progress on the nursery and hope to share that with you all when I am not too lazy to take some decent pictures. But for now here is little sneak peak of what a took a couple of weeks ago...
My 'quilt' that turned out to be a blanket due to lack of time and energy to do much else to it...

Well, enough for now! Hope you all have a fantastic week :)


  1. I guess I am going crazy and forgot I already had posted a pic of the blanket...I apologize for pregnancy brain. hehe.

  2. psh, that's okay, i like seeing it again!!! :) i am going to miss you online. also i think lucas needs a facebook account. (not right away, of course, maybe in a few weeks.)

  3. me oh my this is quite a cutesy display!
    i must say i rather enjoy the lovely photos you have kindly shared!
    happy blogging! x x

  4. Oh Mandy not long now!!!! I love your blanket and your bubbas room. Happy birthday

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