Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Post 243: Fourth of July

The husband and I are still adjusting to baby life. Usually, for the 4th we take the 8 hour drive south to be with family on the lake in Oklahoma. This year we couldn't pull it together so we stayed home and enjoyed the local festivities. The Babe loved every second of it despite the fact he had only one short nap yesterday. He is quite the people watcher and loved watching all of the other kids play. Sometimes he would join in with a little hoot or squeal.

I was excited to play with different settings on the new camera.
We drove to a small town just north of here expecting something small. The firework show ended up lasting an ENTIRE hour!

Lucas was enthralled. By the end of it all we had him saying a new word. "BOOM!"I was so delighted that he really enjoyed it. It makes my heart happy to show him new fun things in this world.
I am ready to do it all over again next year!

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