Sunday, March 4, 2012

Living Pinterest

In the past several months I have jumped on the bandwagon and have become completely addicted to Pinterest. I could waste hours...possibly days...maybe weeks just browsing through all the delicious food and lovely DIY projects. In an attempt to be as creative as Pinterest makes me FEEL I have been challenging myself to try something new each week. Dinner at my house has been much more exciting...and delicious...and our waistlines show it. Baking is an entirely new hobby of mine now which is absolutely terrible because I have no self control.

With that said this week I plan on making these :

Just looking at the picture makes my mouth water! Coconut plus lime in scone form MUST equal heaven! (recipe here)

And this is my second project:

It is an adorable photo of toy cars on vinyl. While vinyl probably will not be happening this week I will be pulling out some of the husbands old matchbox cars and taking some pictures to print for my toddlers room. I am totally excited to see how this turns out. (project found here)


  1. the first photo/poster reminds me of how i feel when i watch "the biggest looser" :)

  2. I know -pinterest is soooo addicting- love it!!