Wednesday, January 6, 2010

133: I'm Back! (sorta)

We enjoy being nerds and orange hotel curtains...;p
Hello Bloggers!!
Well, the holidays are over and life is still as busy as ever! Adam and I have put our house up for sale and our contingent offer was accepted on the Dream House soooo now we just have to wait, and keep our house spotless at ALL times. Which is exhausting! I also packed up most of my crafting items and moved them to storage so no new items in the shop for awhile. Boo. I know there would be no way to keep the house clean and be able to create, I am FAR to messy for that!

I hope you all had a fantastic holiday! Did any of you make any new years resolutions? I know I didn't since I always disappoint myself and give up on them by March. Oh Well. Hopefully I will get things rolling again around here. I may make a slight direction change since I wont be doing any crafting but I promise I will try to keep it somewhat entertaining.



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  1. congrats- I hope all work out with your dream house. Actually one of my top resolutions is to craft and create more. I am not off to a good start though, hehe.
    good luck,