Monday, January 25, 2010

Post 141: Daydreaming In Blue

I have officially decided the color of the nursery! I am in LOVE with all of these lovely blue rooms. I still have two months until I know the duckling's gender but I think this color will be perfect for my little boy OR my little girl. I particularly love the girls rooms in blue!

In my search I came across some fantastic blogs I will definitely be sharing with you all a bit later!


  1. LOVE the yellow and blue. I think I've seen some of these rooms on Ohdeedoh. If I were to redo my daughter's room anytime in the future, I would go with these colors. So cheerful!

  2. This is so adorable! It makes me want to redo my baby's room. Right now, our theme is "mess".

  3. Venessa i did stumble across a couple on ohdeedoh, :D. I am terrible about doing a room then seeing something else and wanting to redo it again!

    Bionic Unicorn i love your theme! lol.

  4. Beautiful photographs! I like them all:)
    Its always fun to decorate and have inspiration to do it from.

  5. That is the color of my little dude's nursery. We went with avocado as the accent color. : ) I love the yellow that you've featured!