Friday, October 8, 2010

Post 190: Pink Elephant!

Hey, its Friday! Annd to make my Friday even better I just received this beautiful ring in the mail! I won it from a fantastic give away over at Wichita Handmade! The ring is made by the one and only Pink Elephant Embellishments.
I must say the ring is even more adorable in person and very sturdy (and when you are me that is VERY important). The cuteness does not stop here! Swing by Pink Elephant Embellishments and check out some of her other cute jewelery!

Oh, and a cute baby update for good measure!
Lucas is now 2 months old and weighing it at 13 lbs 12 oz. He is a big ol boy and getting bigger every day. One of these days I will learn to balance Red Planet and a baby but it does not look like I will be opening the shop any time soon.

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  1. l-l-l-love it!! yay congrats on the ring! :D i want one of those really bad. i think i might buy one. and the baby's pretty cute too! :P i can't wait to squish him!!