Monday, April 25, 2011

Post 206: Random.

My blog has been dead lately...and for good reason. The baby is learning a million things a minute, the house renovation is starting to fall behind...not to mention the piles and piles...and piles of laundry I have been avoiding. One of these days I will get back in to the blog groove. Although, I do not know when that will be.
I need to know the mommy bloggers secret. How do you manage to find the time, energy or motivation to keep up!?! Well...time...time might not be such a huge issue if I didnt find myself browsing Etsy, reading Facebook updates, or burying my nose in books. Motivation. Thats the real issue.

Speaking of books, I have become a total bookworm these last few months. I don't think my husband knows what my face looks like anymore. Once Baby is asleep, I am hiding in a corner of my dismembered house with a book. I think I was born with the traveler gene. I have never stayed on one place as long as I have been in this town and it makes me itch. Books seem to scratch that itch for now.

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  1. Love this photo - so sweet.

    I keep my posts simple and usually only one picture and some words. I love looking back over time and remembering - I don't scrapbook - so this is it for me. That is my motivation - the memories.

    Also, I blog at night and schedule the posts a lot. Especially if I have a few things to write about - I do it at once and spread out the love. I stop in and visit others during my coffee breaks (nap time) through out the day.