Friday, April 29, 2011

Post 210: Flashback Friday!

Soo, I come from a large family. Growing up for the longest time it was just my sister and I. When I was in middle school my dad remarried and while I was in high school my first little brother, Eli, came a long (followed by 2 sisters and one more brother!). Anyway, I thought it was pretty cool having this little guy around and once I left for college I tried to spoil him as much as I cold. This picture was from the weekend that the husband and I, (we were only dating at the time) took him to MOKAN Raceway. Eli was 4 or 5.

We all wore cowboy hats and obnoxious sunglasses and listened to The Killers on the way there. I remember this because Eli, who had never heard The Killers, said "Aw man guys this is my favorite band! Rock and Roll!!" and proceeded to play his version of the air guitar which looked more like dinosaur claws playing a piano.
Take note of the green bowl...Being young at the time I didn't consider pumping a 5 year old full of sugar and nachos then letting him jump on the moonwalk = vomit. Well, it did. He was a good sport. He just lost a shirt, no harm.
That day is one of my fondest memories with the little guy. While we were at the t-shirt stand buying ourselves obnoxious neon car shirts Eli grabbed my hand and turns to me and says "Mandi, this has been the best day of my life!" (happy tear)
Here is Eli now. He is 10 (and about as tall as me!) and has been an awesome uncle to my baby Lucas. I know one of these days he will be making memories with Lucas as I have with him. I love my family!

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  1. awww!!! i love your family, too!! this is so sweet.