Friday, August 19, 2011

Flashback Friday: Stacation to Chestnut Mountain

So lately I have been CRAVING going on a mini stacation. It seems post-baby we don't get out too much. Pre-baby we used to go on mini Stacations about once a month and had an absolute blast doing it. In January 09 the husband and I took an adventure to Chestnut Mountain ski lodge and did some shopping in Galena Illinois...No skiing it was too dang cold for that!

We woke up early one morning and on a whim we were out the door. There was lots of snow along the way. I managed to take this one as we were heading out.
It was cold...REALLY cold. I think it was -10 with ridiculous windchills the entire time. Neither of us wore gloves. Bad idea.

The Husband was a trooper and didn't mind me dragging him to 'girly' stores and eating at 'girly' restaurants that served 'girly' food like salads and soup. (I think he is a carnivore)
Not only was it cold seemed just as bad inside. Our hotel room was crappy and straight out of 1975, the only way to keep warm was with the heat lamp in the bathroom...And bourbon which inspired this photo...

And this photo...and lots of giggling and telling bad jokes.


  1. such a good idea... love the memories! Torrey and I totally need to do one of these soon :)

  2. Cute! Bourbon will warm you up quick for sure!

  3. looks like you two had such a good time! i love little trips :)

  4. I saw that you commented on Cup of Jo's giveaway for the necklace...I am doing a similar one & I think you would love it! Come check it out...