Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Circus Party Pictures & The Most Handsome Strongman I Ever Saw.

Birthday pictures, finally!! The last few weeks have been hectic, I am sorry for the delay. Here is Luke's Circus birthday party...or should I say Strongman Luke complete with mustache and chest hair!
Here is the table complete with ringmaster mustaches, handmade clown bowties, and plush beach balls.
The bowties were a hit (with the parents) and SO simple to make. No sewing required. I will be posting a tutorial on them soon!
I also sewed up these cute fabric beach balls from a fun little tutoiral I mentioned here.
Another table shot. I tried to keep things as baby friendly as possible. Instead of pop corn we had Puff Corn, Smarties, and animal crackers.
The cake :)Luke loved it!
We had toys and adorable babies EVERYWHERE. I would say it was quite a success!

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