Thursday, May 7, 2009

Post 15: Dedos de fantasía bordado!

So, lately it has been far too beautiful outside to sit inside at my sewing machine. Naturally, I still had those irrisistable urges to craft! So I drew this out and embroidered it onto some bright goldenrod cotton fabric. (While enjoying the great outdoors!) Of course, it isnt quite finished but I hope to be posting it on Etsy very soon!
Once it is complete it will be a lovely piece of wall art! And I still have yet to decide what word I am going to embroider on the scroll.

With this last pic I was trying to some of the sugar skull detail but my camara did not want to cooperate!

Any thoughts? Suggestions for the scroll? Thanks for checking it out folks!


  1. beautiful!!! geez i can't get enough of the dia de los muertos stuff...i'm sure that is so politically incorrect, but you know what i mean. and your embroidery is always so awesome! i wish i had the skill/patience for that kind of quality.

    hmm....ideas for the scroll....LOL i'm just being stupid here but "hot blooded" just came to mind. or not. :P

  2. Wow, you are so talented. I love this! Hmmm...Ideas for a scroll? How about 'Burnin' Love'...yeah, I dunno...

  3. thanks folks and thanks for the suggestions :)