Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Post 16: This is how i craft...(with a sneak peak!)

...This is how i craft, this is how, this is how, this is how i craft...All on a small ironing board...

I have all the space in the world, my husband even bought me a nice size table but I still do it all on my ironing board. It seems quite messy and unorganized for being the OCD neat freak that I am. But with my system I can iron, cut, paste, and do everything except use the actual sewing machine here....(and I guarantee you if it weren't to heavy for the ironing board I would do it.) I am convinced I am more able to create while i stand at my rickety old ironing board. While I have created a lot of lovely things here, it has also proven quite dangerous with the iron, heh, but I refuse to change my ways. Do you, my fellow crafters, do anything like this?

S N E A K P E A K !!
Here is a glimpse at a couple of clutches I will be posting on my Etsy soon! Be sure to check back!


  1. I love it. I've never crafted on an ironing board... but then I'm not a sewer.

    I craft all over. The floor, the bench, the coffee table. I'm convinced if I have crafting block all I have to do is change location. It's all about LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION

  2. Sneak peak of clutches~ awesome. I have a habit; I must have 3 desks yet I only draw at the kitchen table - go figure!