Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Post 195: I AM BACK!

So, my part in Aidan's Monsters has finally come to an end. Again I have to thanks all of the wonderfully snarky and entertaining folks from Regretsy for their big hearts and loud mouths (hehe) for spreading the word. (and of course my lovely BFF Leanne for contacting April Winchell) We were able to sell over 7500 prints for Aidan's family in two short months! And it took me about 4 months to fill them all. You can see a clip of the Aidan's Monsters story on World News here: (be sure to watch the video!)
It is sad that it is over but I am more than ready to spend some more time with my beautiful baby Lucas...and sewing of course!

Speaking of sewing, I hope to have a giveaway soon to celebrate re-entering the blog world! Keep your eyes open for it!


  1. oh, I just read the full article on Aidan. how wonderful that he is busy with his drawings and the outpour of admirers! what a lovely aunt you are, and mom- glad you are back...


  2. Thanks so much Karen! And thank you for being one of Aidan's first supporters!

  3. oh i love my mandi and my lucas!!!! <3