Thursday, February 24, 2011

Post 198: FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Luke's Arrival Part 1

I know it has not been that long ago...less than a year really. It is still a flashback, especially considering how things have changed around here in the past 6 months!
You cannot tell me he is not the most beautiful baby EVER.

I woke up the morning of July 31st and was determined to have my baby by the end of the day, although he was not due for another week. I was measuring 45 weeks. Seriously. They measured twice…No, three times. I was told Luke was going to be 9lbs 11oz by ultrasound measurement and I was not sure my body could take any more baby! Fortunately, that morning, there was a city wide garage sale.

32 weeks (im not angry...just my 1960s bathroom)

I told everyone I was going to walk Luke, no questions about it. Needless to say I walked every neighborhood street that day. It had to be well over 5 miles. My husband and Mother-in-law looked like they were about to pass out from exhaustion so I had to call it a day. Being that we had not eaten all day, since I was excited to get going and refused we stop for breakfast, we decided to go to the Chinese buffet across town. Not the healthiest choice for a mother to be, but really, who is still eating healthy after their 6th month??

36 weeks measuring 39
Anyway, we arrive at the buffet, get to our table and I decide I need to pee for the 1,029,323rd time that day. On my way to the bathroom…ooops! I thought I started peeing my pants from the weight of my big…no, enormous baby! I thought I would die of embarrassment…then I realized I had NO control over what was going on with my body at that moment. I was incontinent! NO! My water broke!!

38 weeks: I thought it would be a good idea to get one baziollion degrees. I also forgot I could no longer sit.

After taking baby steps the rest of the way to the bathroom I took a moment to freak out.(I mean REALLY freak out) I then wiped what leftover mascara had run down my face in my quick 2 minute meltdown, squeezed my knees together and shuffled back out to the restaurant. Scared to go too far, I stood at the edge of the room and yell at my husband…or try to. At this point I was so shook up I could hardly speak

Me: "Uhhh. . .Adam…Adam….ADAM…we have to go!”

Adam: “huh?”(alarmed look, jaw drop, food rolls from mouth) “OH SHIT!”

Then I called the same to my mother in law who then dropped her plate on the buffet and we rushed out. The waitresses were confused but when they realized what was going on they shoed us out. It was as if they couldn't do it fast enough. I felt their hands on my back pushing me out the door. They did not seem fond of the idea of baby junk in their restaurant.( I don’t blame them. There has to be some health ordinance issues with that.) Once I took my first step out of the door there was no question of what was going on. I was drowning. Drowning in amniotic fluid and panic.

Part 2 coming soon…maybe…


  1. hi! new follower from flash back friday! your boy is adorable and i laughed my ass off reading about your water breaking in the middle of a chinese buffet!

  2. I love the belly shots! I'm 35 weeks pregnant and I'm going to try and take some belly shots today!

  3. Oh my gosh, I love hearing about this stuff! Can't wait for part 2. BTW, I totally relate to the big ol' baby situation; my oldest daughter weighed in at 9lbs 14oz at 38 weeks. Yeah.

  4. Noooo. I want part 2 right now right now right now! :)

  5. EEEEEeeeehehehehe!! "OH SHIT!" i love it! and i can't wait to read the second part. :D

    i also wanted to tell you that i'm awarding you this little award (i am a little late in getting around to telling you.) ;)