Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Post 120: Complaining and Carrying On

I was SUPPOSED to hear about the status of our offer on the house yesterday, but they put it off a few more days till Friday. ugh. I totally messed up my knee working on the house. It is gross swollen, walking hurts and it is making me insanely angry since it is slowing down my progress. Sooo since I am useless I thought I would take my pics for Etsy. Buuut I cannot find the cam for the life of me. I have been looking for it for a good two hours. I even went as far as looking in the bathroom cabinets for it just in case I had a moment of insanity and placed it somewhere unheard of. Soooooo between looking for the camera and letting the dog in and out one BAZILLION times I feel like my leg is about to fall off. Then Adam calls and he has to work late annnnnd I have no food in my house. shew.

Okay I feel a little better.

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