Monday, November 30, 2009

Post 128: So I'm In A Gang....sorta

I spent my Thanksgiving weekend in the ICT (Wichita, KS). Where a few gang folk participated in some 'gang' activity and tagged downtown Wichita...

I joined Ms. Leanne of Folk Craft and Ms. Puff of Just Puff while they found creative ways to promote!

It was a great time promoting handmade goods and being silly with friends. I also had the chance to take a peek at a little art gallery and visit the lovely Keeper of the Plains on the Arkansas River.
All while being chatty and giggling like little high school girls.

(Leanne-as a clown, Puff, Me!)


  1. Omg- how fun! lol...looks like you guys had a blast. :)

  2. Great photo, you all look like you had a fantastic time

  3. ahhh! i never saw this post!! :(

    ( i love it though! )