Thursday, November 5, 2009

Post 117: Waiting and Wishing

Soo, we are still waiting for an answer on the house. The reason for the long wait is the people who own the house (on 9 acres next to a 'nature park') have offered the land and house to be purchased by a nature preserve (owned by an attorney) at a higher price than our offer.
I honestly think this 'preserve' is bogus and will eventually be turned into a housing compound soon enough, but that is me being a pessimist. Although the house is not mine, and MAY never be I cannot help but daydream about the things I would LOVE to have for such a fantastic mid-century home. Daydreaming is always fun right? (fingers crossed)

Click images to visit the shops!

I love this, not only because it is fabulous, but it reminds me of the infamous green couch in our first apartment . :)

Thes green chairs are great *drool* as well as EVERYTHING else in this shop!

I am in love with this lamp.

I looove this and its gray! (Gray and I are having a love affair.) This shop is also chock full of fantastic mid-century modern furnature. (p.s. i love the Tabasco ad)

With the house being out in the woods this would be just perfect!
And I would like to throw this in for good measure since it is where I REALLY want to be :). Cute huh? (If you love this there are a few other states in this lovely print collect just click the image)

Now who wants to donate to my shopping fund?!? :p


  1. gee this looks so cool here..i hope you get the house!
    thanks for thinking of us.the lamp is my husband lawrence mcrae's work..and the collection is called switch!

  2. that couch is so great!

    making an offer on a house is so nerve racking! Good luck!

  3. Ooh, nice finds! I'm in NC, btw :)

    And good luck with the house!! Hopefully you can decorate it with lovely green chairs ;)

    And thanks for leaving lovely comments on my blog two days in a row, haha, you're the best :)

  4. Ohmygosh, just clicked on the NC print listing, and it says "printed on my lil 5x8 Kelsey". haha, that's tooooo funny!! ;)