Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Post 127: Drew Carey shouldn't be the host of anything.

I survived jury duty. All 3 hours of it...Yeah I am complaining about a measly 3 hours in which I thought I was going to die. I am not sure if boredom was to blame or having to tolerate The Price Is Right (with Drew Carey*ugh*) at 300 decibels (which made it nearly impossible to do anything else). Drew Carey shouldn't be the hose of ANYTHING. He is not funny or witty. And the only compensation I get is $15...(who knows how much that comes out to be after I pay for parking.)

(Someone loves Drew, or they had Jury Duty in Peoria County)

They managed to cram 70-something people in a room to wait and see if any of us were going to be a jury on the 2 traffic cases they had that day....2 traffic cases = 24 jurors why call all of us in? I was on Panel 86 they surely didn't need me! Then around Noon they informed us that our services weren't needed I was off the hook 'whew'.

(image from flicker)

Aaaanywho, what is everyone doing for Thanksgiving?! Tomorrow evening I will be driving to Wichita, Kansas to spend Thanksgiving with the fam and to celebrate Christmas while I am there, since I will be in Virginia at that time (we schedule things in our own time and move holidays if necessary). I am SO excited to give the kiddos their gifts! They are at that fun age Eli(brother), 8 Makenzie(sister), 7 Briley(sister), 3 Aiden (nephew), 3 annnd Nate (brother), 11 months! I REALLY tried doing an entirely handmade Christmas but I didn't make it :(. I have been trying to keep my house in order in case the realtor makes a surprise stop by the house...well, enough rambling. Hope you all have a FANTASTIC Week(end)!

PS I also had 2 Etsy orders this week!! woo woo!


  1. BOO for jury duty!! YAY for coming to KS!!! and YAY for your orders!! :D

    ooh, and i need to get to work on the top hat for gus....

  2. I've had to go to jury duty. Thank goodness.. We aren't doing much of anything for Thanksgiving. My Grandma is sick so the family that could go to Ohio are there now. Hopefully we can make it up or just pig out on Christmas :)

  3. oh that is too funny- I have never seen the funny side of Drew! Someone actually made a crewel rendition of him?
    hehe Karen