Thursday, March 3, 2011

Post 201: Like, Whoa! Flashback Friday!

Ok, so I had PLANNED on completing my Lucas story. But this child insists I hold him all day long, and since I am mush, I will. So, today I am keeping it short and sharing this gem of a photo with you.
Of course, I am the smokin' redhead front and center. The stylish baby next to me is my sister and the blond sporting the geometric print and shoulder pads is my mother. All of the other ladies are my aunties. I really wish the picture would have captured my socks, I am sure I was wearing at least two pairs of contrasting socks layered upon each other with my K-mart version of keds. Go ahead, be jealous, it's okay.

You all have a like, totally RADICAL weekend!!


  1. Oh man, those are the best outfits EVER.

  2. I am dying because it is so awesome and so familiar!

  3. I'm pretty sure I had that exact same outfit.

    Seriously though.