Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Post 63: midwest seafood y dress numero uno (peek)

So this is how i do seafood in the midwest....

I am a firm believer that all canned food is poison, but I indulged in some smoked (canned) oysters today and I had to capture the moment...

Aaaanywho the reason I am posting in the first place is to give you a peek at this incomplete dress I am working on (with my lovely NEW dressform!). It is a bit wrinkled and pinned to the dress form (and the bottom is not close to finished so i left it out sorta...). I have almost finished this one this evening but I don't have good light and truth be told I am far to lazy to take any more pictures at the moment.....

And this is a the top detail (with flash, yuck)...I will proooobably finish it up tomorrow and post more pics tomorrow night and hoooopefully it turns out beautiful...hopefully.


  1. Oh I love it Mandi! Knew it would be great, cannot wait to see it complete.

  2. It does look great, love the detail around the bodice!

  3. Oh, I can't wait to see the finished dress, either! Awesome!