Monday, February 8, 2010

Post 147: SOLD!

Sooooooooo, the house sold last night!!! My husband and I were negotiating over the phone all evening at a Super Bowl party so everyone kept up with our play by play. And after the party was over our crazy real estate agent came over around 10:15pm for us to sign papers and it is now a done deal! On March 15 Adam and I will be moving in to our dream home just in time to get it ready for our duckling!

You have no idea how excited I am.


  1. Oh! Congratulations- it's all working out so perfectly!!!

  2. I'm so pleased for you both!! Congratulations!

    This must be such an exciting time for you and really glad you'll be settled in time to have the little one!


  3. Woohoo!!!!!! Excellent news!! I love your real estate agent - no one in Aust would come over past 5pm to sign papers.

  4. Thanks everyone! Gemma my real estate agent was a complete nut! She would have shown up at 2am if she needed too. She also ran over my mailbox :( haha