Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Post 217: EEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

My Mother's Day/5 year anniversary/birthday gift/Christmas gift/whatever else comes in the nest two years gift came in the mail today!!!!
I am super-duper excited to put this baby to work! I am NO photographer by any means and I have a lot to learn but I definitely look forward to it! Thanks Husband!!


  1. woohoo...congratualtions! can't wait to see your pics!

  2. How awesome! Can't wait to see your new photos.

    I have been putting a new camera in my cart and then feeling kinda sick and not checking out for a week now. I have been saving for so long that it is now scary to purchase. Soon... soon.

  3. nice!! i'm hoping to upgrade soon to a canon dslr. have fun with it!