Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Post 219: Waiting for Peonies to Bloom

Ever since the peonies quit blooming last summer I have been anticipating there reappearance. I love them. The way they look the way they smell, reminds me of childhood. Sitting on the cool cement porch, the hum of the neighbors radio, the smell of mom baking mixed with the sweet scent of peonies <3<3
I was playing with the new camera and the zoom lens the other day, seeing if I could catch anything interesting. I live in the woods but it seems as though all of the insects and animals were hiding. The pup did manage to chase this squirrel up a tree and I got a few sub par pictures. It wasn't until after I put the pictures on the computer that I noticed the baby squirrel!
I have been impressed so far but still have A LOT to learn. I refuse to have such a nice camera and use it in automatic mode...I actually took this picture from INSIDE the house. pretty awesome huh?
And I am posting this because we have these little purple flowers growing all through the woods. They are quite pretty and fragrant but I am clueless when it comes to identifying flowers. Do any of you happen to know what these are called?


  1. Oh my... love these and the hidden baby! It is overwhelming and awesome at the same time to control so much in the photo. I have a to to learn as well.

  2. ah!! look at that baby--i didn't even see him until you pointed it out! these are great pictures. :D

    and those flowers....they look familiar and the name seems to be right on the tip of my tongue...err, fingers...but i don't know! :(