Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Post 234: No Sleep and Black Coffee

I remember a time in my life, about 6 months ago, where 5 hours of sleep was like a blessing from the heavens. I would have done anything...A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G for 5 hours of continuous sleep.
(Sometime about 7 months ago...I was still chipper after a night of NO sleep, enough so I caught this beautiful moment The Babe and I were having...ha)
I was tough. I did it and I survived. I have lost that...skill...can I call it a skill?? Five hours of sleep last night did NOT feel heavenly. It felt quite the opposite. The Babe rises with the sun (which is now 5:00am) and I apparently stay up way too late for my own good. Nothing coffee cant cure right? Unfortunately I am all out of cream and sugar. I am going to choke this black coffee down, suck it up, and cross my fingers that I am productive and I don't kill anyone in the grocery store.
Ya, see that cup? It says "Sisters are forever and I'm so glad your mine"....I have three younger sisters and...well, I bought it for myself, I am sure they were thinking it though.

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