Friday, June 24, 2011

Post 239: Flashback Friday!

Summer 2009: The best mani/pedi I have ever had came from my baby sister, Briley. She was 4 at the time...
She insisted and of course how could I resist?
She had polish all over herself but she loved every second of it (so did I).

She was so super proud of herself. I love that baby!


  1. I love it! haha Look at that level of concentration, you can see it all over her face! :) Great flashback, thanks for linking up.

  2. OH! Amen to this post. My 3 year old just painted her toenails and she just started dumping it on her foot by the end! Too awesome! Such a memory to keep:) Adorable blog by the way! I love your fresh clean layout! I'm happy to meet you through Laurens Flashback Friday! I'm your newest follower!

  3. You are so brave!! I love that she even has it on her knee!