Friday, July 31, 2009

Post 58: Sigh

I want to start making these....

(click on the pics for more info)
I love dresses. I want to make beautiful little dresses. I have ideas, and plans, lots of plans....I always have lots of plans....buuuut we will see if I actually go through with them. I will keep you updated. sigh.


  1. OOOooo! Me too! I love lil dresses! I've made a few, check em out! ( or But I wanna make more... I just recently got some beautiful flowers, petals, and satin and I'm just itching to get started! I wanna make something soft, feminine, flowy... Love this post! xoxo :D

  2. Mandi,
    I can see how with your eye for fabrics and sewing expertise that your dresses will be as awesome as your bags and other creations!!