Thursday, July 9, 2009

Post 43: Good Morning Folks!!

It is only 8:30am (when i started typing this) annnnnd I have already been so productive!
"productive" may be a relative term considering by this time I am lucky If I have even brushed my teeth yet....

So I started out with my breakfast of champions (thanks Adam) serenaded by lovely Paul Simon...

Then I finished up sewing up my lil' giveaway....

and I already got the cam out so "Hop on the bus Gus" and I had our "photo opportunity"...

surprisingly I got a free nasal cleanse compliments of Gus!

And I am preparing myself for the up and coming weekend. Due to my husbands love of all things redneck I will be attending my second tractor pull in Henry, IL. I am hesitant about these things but I bet I will come back with wonderful stories and interesting pictures assuming I do not partake in one too many PBRs...wish me luck! lol

Oh and the reason I am here in the first place...Once I get all my pics edited into a pretty little image I will be posting my giveaway!!!


  1. LMAO! i love the nasal cleansing!! you both look so cute! and your giveaway looks pretty awesome too, i can't wait to see it.

  2. Cute pics!! Love the PBR's. A good beer to go with tractor pulling! hehe

  3. great pics- my nose is pretty clean from lickings from Krumpet -thank you again for your generous giveaway -cannot wait....

  4. Mandi, your blog made me laugh... exactly what I needed on a cold friday morning in Oz

  5. Mandi, you don't know where that tongue has been! Probably licking his butt. Although, that is the cutest pup ever!

  6. haha thanks everyone...and Puff I know his tongue has been some pretty disgusting but the things you let the puppies you love get away with are