Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Post 52: Fiesta!!

Soooo I have been bad about posting on here the past few days...Truth is I have been pretty busy being lazy. And for me being lazy is an important task from time to time. With that said I should warn all of you that my 25th birthday is creeping up! (Feliz cumpleanos tooooo meee!) I should be excited, or worried about getting old...or something, but honestly I am a bit apathetic about it. Although, I am somewhat excited about my trip to St. Louis this weekend (my mom will be meeting us there so it will be a well-behaved weekend....maybe), buuut putting puppy Gus in a kennel for the weekend makes me feel too guilty to be too excited about it. With that said this is what I want you to get me for my birthday (July 26th)...heh...

I am in love with this handwoven scarf ....mmmm
and this cute flamenco necklace...

And these totally yummy lemon drop earrings....

annnd these little banners are perfect for a fiesta! (which is everyday en mi casa) they match these awesome crochet bangles that i heart...

annnnnd isn't this just too cute?

Oh, I could go on forever but I have already wasted enough of my morning dreaming of all the things I would love to have. The grass is asking to be mowed and Gus has made it clear I am not paying enough attention to him, so I am off! Good day!


  1. Omg, your birthday is the same day as my daughter's! Happy almost birthday! My daughter is so excited to be turning nine in a few days.

    And I love those lemon drop earrings and the crochet bangles. If my arms weren't constructed from actual pencils, I might be able to actually consider a bangle one day!

  2. Great choices, how could you choose anyway? Have a wonderful trip...

  3. yesssss! i love all of those! buy them for me, too. i finally made you something....inspiration hit me like a silver jeep cherokee out of nowhere. you'll get it after your bday, but BEFORE christmas, maybe even before thanksgiving! but i don't wanna push it...

  4. I love those banners and that bird ring! Sorry I'm not around much these days - busy summer! Just got back from my wedding week and then I'm off two more times this month to Texas and NC to visit family. I'm having a blast, but I also look forward to September when things will settle down a bit and I can settle in with my new husband. :)