Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Post 57: So, I think I'm going crazy.

Aaaaanyway, I had to drop Gus by the kennel Saturday morning and I cried. I balled. I ruined my mascara and could barely spit out my emergency contact number for the secretary. I tried to hide the fact that I was a big baby (I wouldn't take off my sunglasses) but it was obvious. And I broke down in the car for about 5 minutes crying like a baby. At that moment I realized I am a complete nut. Annnnd there are certain times of the month I should just lock myself in my house and not allow society to be exposed to my nuttiness.
As soon as I quit being a huge nerd Adam and I went by Sonic for breakfast, and the card machine isn't working! And since I am the only person in the world who NEVER has cash....they gave us our food for FREE! It was only $10 worth but hey, free is free!
Later, Adam and I met my Mom and Step-Dad in St. Louis. We went to the awesome Zoo which is always FREE (and #1 in the nation). I wouldn't recommend going on a weekend for obvious crowdage. Then we all spend Sunday (my birthday!) acting like nerds at Six Flags. (Adam hates it when I ask him to do things like this...)
I rode the Batman coaster first thing and became very disoriented. I realized I am officially too old for that stuff. Sooo due to hotheadedness and a headache I stuck to the more mellow rides....the ones you see little kids and old people on....hehe

I still had a blast. :)

Anywhoooo, I am hoping to throw together another little giveaway in the next week or so...Sooo keep checking back!


  1. Free Sonic? I'm surprised they did that and that is so cool!! Glad you had a blast. :)

  2. yay!!! looks like you had FUN! oh and i could have already told you that you're a nutter. but that's okay! i'm glad adam was a good sport, teehee.....he looks good in pink!

  3. awww no no no, i totally know how you feel. whenever we used to go on holidays and put our doggy in the kennels she would whimper and cry which in turn broke our hearts.
    but hey, freeeee weekends are great!

  4. looks like a blast - must have been hard to leave Gus.

  5. That dog looks very cute.

    I really liked your blog, will come back !!

    Graffitis, Street Art and Me

  6. What a fun weekend! I miss my pups when I have to board them too. They get all weird while they are there (even though I know they are well cared for, as one of my best friends is a vet at the clinic where I board them).