Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Post 47: SNEAK PEEK and some other stuff

Soooo this weekend I actually sat down and sewed my butt off! I got a few things done and I am in love with ALL of them...part of me doesn't want to sell them but I must share my creations with the world! ha. annnd here is a peak...
I will post them on my Etsy once I name all of them and write descriptions...which I like to put some thought and creativity into as well....maybe just a little too much, oh well.

I also have to mention this little tchotchke I found while thrifting. I was going to sell them but I have already claimed them as my redheaded children and they look so beautiful on a shelf in my living room...

When I found them they were all gross and dirty but they washed up nice and the colors are so vibrant! (my husband still thinks I am nuts for buying them) They also spin and play music annnnd it randomly breaks out in song throughout the day which is pretty creepy at times.
Well I must get going even though I still have a bazillion things I want to say. I got some great pictures at the fair last night that I hope to share later today!


  1. AAHhhhhhhhhhhh those pouches are awesome! Great fabric choices. :)

  2. Oh Mandi, I love your new stuff. You can never put enough thought into your art! Love your redheaded kids. You need to list that new stuff, I had just visited your etsy shop and there was nothing new. Get r done!

  3. Those pouches are very pretty. So now you must sew your butt back on. . .:)
    those spinning dolls are cool and yes i can imagimne being really creepy if they randomly start spinning and breaking out into music. . .especially in a dimly lit room while alone reading or something. . .