Monday, June 1, 2009

Post 23: I have officially gone crazy...

Well, as I mentioned in the previous post my house is now run by a puppy; a spoiled rotten puppy who is getting braver and brattier with each passing day! But we are working on that. Having someone else to spoil has me "window shopping" Etsy like crazy. Here are a few things I am in love with!

These are totally cute dog toys! And in my opinion they look a lot like Gus!

This is technically a cat toy but I am thinking of trying to make something similar for my lil' dog because it is just too cute!
This hand painted harness is too cute and totally original!
And we cant forget a cute I.D. Tag! "Love me, love my dog" hehe

So, yeah I have officially gone crazy...

Click on the pictures to find out more about each item!


  1. your post is so cool and so right on -a little takes over your life and makes it wonderful! love the harness and the quote print!!!!

  2. Those cute little dogs do look like Gus! And that underpants too, I want it! Etsy has so many great pet items...

  3. i love the little stuffed dogs. so cute!