Monday, June 22, 2009

Post 33: Yo soy playero pero no hay playa... (p.s. giveaway sneak peak!)

It was a beautifully hot day...the kind of day that would be best spent at the beach....but I am land locked in Illinois. So, I do not have the beach but this is what I do have :)

I almost smashed this guy when I went into a panic thinking a spider jumped on me!

Isn't it the tiniest thing you ever saw!?!
These guys hang out in my back yard above my deck, so, we were seeing a lot of each other the past few days. This is my second round of robin babies this year! They left today so I could take the fire hazard down ...again (the nest was built on a light)...haha it seems to be the real estate of preference for the neighborhood robins. (Sorry for the poor quality pic but they didn't like me getting too close).It was so funny because this baby bird would sit with it's head out his nest and his mouth open like this for a very long time...I wasnt sure if they were catching little bugs or what...

Yum. Aren't the colors beautiful?!
Nothing like a cool salad on a day like today! (I only wish I had grown all these lovely vegetables myself!)
The sun was beating down I could almost feel in weighing down my shoulders. The air is heavy and humid and the smell of grilling chicken and peppers filled the back yard. When I closed my eyes I almost forgot I was in the Midwest. *sigh* I am in need of a tropical vacation...hehe

I also took some time to work on my GIVEAWAY. Here is a sneak peak! I will be posting my giveaway sometime tomorrow so don't forget to check back!!


  1. ewww frogs!!! you grew up in a room with clowns. ooooo, that is creepy. you and your dad are cute.

  2. That froggy is cute! I love little ones like that. Cant wait to see your giveaway!

  3. Animal Kingdom! great pics, cannot wait for your giveaway....

  4. cute little frog!!! or is it a toad? i can't tell......but i almost smashed a tiny toad like that yesterday. :( i like yer food too...that seems a lot smarter than baking biscuits like SOME