Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Post 38: The Greatest Show On Earth!

Hehe....I didn't get to go (since I'm 600 miles away), but I think this little guy had the best Birthday EVER, so I had to share....
This is Aidan with his Momma Katie. I loved his face in this one...it cracks me up!
The family photo. My brother Wylie, Katie, and of course Aidan! If you cant tell Wylie's shirt says "this is what cool looks like" hahaha....
How many parents do you know who would sport clown make up all day? I cant say I know many. I love my family they crack me up. Oh I am so disappointed I had to miss out!


  1. usually clown frightens me...but this boy is super adorable!!!

  2. what a fantastic photo! Aidan is adorable and quite a character-love!

  3. haha the funny part is...the reason the little guy likes them is because he thinks they are all scary!