Friday, June 26, 2009

Post 37: Watercolor and Weird Guy

So my nephew's 4th Birthday is this weekend and I put a couple of things together yesterday. I feel so accomplished!!!
His Birthday will be a Circus party full of clowns I am sure. This little boy LOVES "scary clowns" (which in my opinion any clown) and dressing up. He is such a character!

So, first, is a watercolor of a picture of Aidan in his clown makeup.
I am soooo pleased with the way this turned out. I haven't done anything great with watercolors in ages so I am excited about this. haha.

And this is a stuffed Weird Guy Frankenstein sporting a crazy hat...designed from one of Aidan's drawings I shared with you all in Post 20.
I love the bright colors and he is so soft! Not to mention extra scary!!! ERRRRRRRRRR!

I just thought I would come back and add this, I used it as a tag and it shows his original drawing.

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  1. oh, i love the painting!! you did an awesome job (i say that a lot) but anyway, it really looks like an old circus poster! i keep forgetting, i need to mention your giveaway on my blog!

  2. haha i was just excited about the fact that his face looks like a human face..and it actually likes like him! i never do people because they usually look TERRIBLE when im finished.

  3. Aidan is a lucky boy! Your watercolor is fantastic, so much talent combined with humor- well done!!

  4. Oh my gosh - your "weird guy Frankenstein" is too cute! Such a perfect interpretation of your nephew's drawing. I got to spend a bit of fun time with my nephews while I was out in Texas last week. When the youngest (he's 3) said "I wish you could stay for 100 years", it just warmed my heart and kind of broke it at the same time. I adore those boys. Thankfully I get to see them again in 2 weeks at my wedding!